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About Luxury-Bond





Since 2007, Luxury-Bond has been a leading online seller of the world's most coveted designer accessories. It all started right here in New York City, deep in the trenches of the fashion industry where we appreciated discounts on the latest "It Bag" as much as the next insider. But the rare, timeless, high-fashion pieces that began to emerge after years of genuine bonding with editors, buyers, and retailers stood out in a league of their own.

We couldn’t keep it to ourselves. What started as a humble store on Ebay soon became a business driven by passion for luxury and the bonds between those who share it. With loyal customers all over the world and 100% positive feedback from thousands of satisfied fashionistas, we proudly elevated our Ebay outfit to an independent online boutique. At Luxury-Bond, we tap into our industry sources and diligently curate the most incredible, hard-to-find designer accessories at unbeatable prices. And yes, they’re real - guaranteed.


See our ebay store with 7 years of perfect 100% feedback selling experience below:





At Luxury Bond, our mission is to provide the premier online shopping experience for high end designer accessories. is an honest and ethical resource for and by people who are passionate about fashion and high quality goods.

The entire Luxury Bond collection is meant to stand the test of time. We take great care to showcase photography with multiple angles and the exquisite details that distinguish exemplary accessories. The goods you see on were hand-picked for their timeless fashion, impeccable quality and limited availability.